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Living Legacy

Joe Brancucci and Bill Carley

Joe Brancucci and Bill CarleyArts patrons, partners and philanthropists Joe Brancucci and Bill Carley moved to Tampa just five years ago when Joe took over the reins at GTE Financial. Bill, a Realtor, worked in Seattle before they moved to Tampa, where they beelined for the Straz Center.

"We have always enjoyed the arts and also feel a connection to Tampa. One way to be an active part in a place is to support the arts community. The Straz Center is a vital part of our community," says Bill.

"We make an annual contribution and have also included The Straz in our wills," says Joe. "This way we are both supporting the current programming and leaving a legacy to both the Straz Center and the larger community."

Joe and Bill, fans of dance and opera, count the Broadway series as their seasonal favorite although they recognize the comprehensive impact of the performing arts. "The many different types of performances enrich and broaden the experience of individuals and us as a collective. A strong arts community adds to the economic health of the entire Tampa Bay area. Theater and the performing arts have a centuries-old tradition of not only reflecting current times but of helping to shape thought as well. It is important that this outlet for creativity be continued and allowed to prosper in future generations," says Bill, and Joe agrees.

"Knowing that we are not only helping to continue these traditions but also that our legacy will provide opportunities for continuing work for years to come is the most satisfying aspect of supporting The Straz," he says. "We're not just supporting the arts but the community as a whole."