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Straz Center 'Essential Part of Sustaining a Vibrant City'

Dr. Lawrence and Carol Muroff

Dr. Lawrence and Carol Muroff give to support the future of the performing arts in Tampa.

Dr. Lawrence and Carol Muroff give to support the future of the performing arts in Tampa.

Longtime Straz Center patrons Dr. Lawrence and Carol Muroff know a good thing when they see it: In this case, the benefit of an internationally recognized performing arts venue on the banks of their hometown.

"Having a world-class performing arts center transforms a city from good to great," Lawrence says. He and his wife, Carol, have been annual donors for years and are also members of the Ovation Society, an exclusive group of individuals who have remembered the Straz Center in their estate plans.

"It's important to us to make a gift that will live on beyond the time we're alive," Lawrence says of their decision to make a planned gift to the Straz Center.

The Muroffs know that the Straz Center creates a cultural fountain for Tampa Bay and the state of Florida. The far-reaching effects of superior performing arts and arts education in a city are not only a way to attract new residents, but also, as Lawrence notes, "an essential part of sustaining a vibrant city."

"We are so happy and fortunate to be able to enjoy shows at The Straz," Carol says. "There have been times when I have seen a show in New York and not enjoyed the performance as much as the show we saw in Tampa."

Carol enthusiastically echoes her husband's assessment of the importance of a high-quality arts institution to anchor a metropolitan area. "We are so impressed with what we see at The Straz and are fortunate to have a place like this in our community. Making a planned gift is a nice way to create a legacy and ensure performing arts for the future."

"The performances are of such high quality and timely. They've satisfied our needs to see excellent shows," Lawrence says. "We hope that others in a position to give will do so, because The Straz gives Tampa credibility we wouldn't have without such a facility."